Samsung S9 vs Iphone X

Like the Avengers there are some major fights that are going to take place between Apple and Samsung this year. After all, both have their best warriors up front. But who will wear the crown this year? Well, only you can decide that! But just to make it a lot easier for you we have decided to break things down.
Here is one stop review of both phones, by the end of this article promise you youll already know your winner.

Let's begin then

 1. PRICE - If you have been following the iPhone vs Samsung league, itll be no surprise to you that Samsung has always been the winner in this category because of the simple fact that it is available to you at a lower cost. This year iPhone X (64 GB) is estimated to start at $999. Whereas S9 starts at $840. But unlike I phone the memory of Samsung is expandable.
It is, however, important to mention here that iPhone 8 plus that is almost like iPhone X is available at a price range much closer to S9.

2. CAMERA- In today's world camera has become a vital part. Honestly, I myself out my phone camera at least ten times a day, think about the IG models! Indeed everyone needs to have the best camera. Both companies do claim to be the best and fight neck to neck in this category.
S9 has single shooter but S9 plus comes with dual- lens which is in conjunction with iPhone X.
iPhone X has 12 MP wide angle and 12 MP telephoto lens that offers you a beautiful DSLR portrait mode. 
S9 allows you to control the intensity of blur you'd like while and after clicking the pic. I phone allows you to choose amongst various option in the portrait mode, meaning you can play with your lighting.
S9, however, is a bit unique as it has a variable aperture which when kept in auto mode can change from F1.5 to F2.4. I phone X, however, has fixed aperture of F1.8.
When I clicked a photograph myself I realize that Samsung does do a brighter picture with reducing noise however they do not appear to be natural. Whereas I phone x might have failed to click brighter pictures but had more natural appeal to it.

3. FRONT CAM: Yes people front camera these days need a special mention as it's our survival mode for a great selfie.
S9 has 8MP front cam with F1.7 aperture whereas I phone X has 7 MP cam with F2.2 aperture.
Both do not fail when it comes to using blur backdrop to achieve a great selfie. However, according to Jessica Dolcourt, S9 seems to be little more of a fighter here and does sometimes tend to blur more than required. I phone whereas does how much is required. 

4. SLO-MO:-
Whats not like in a video in which you are running on the beach like Yasmine Bleeth from Baywatch. S9 lets you record a super slo-mo at 960 fps in HD. But it does have a downside as it doesn't capture full clips and editing a slo-mo is quite a super slo-mo task as there are no tools for editing.
iPhones maximum slo-mo rate is 260fps but upside to that is you can edit it!

Jack point for headphones has become a very important detail of a phone. Samsung here again has won the round as it offers headphone jack. iPhone, as we know, requires a dongle for headphones or one can opt for either Apples Lighting port headphone or blotch headphones.

Do we have a winner?
S9 and S9 Plus definitely has a very strong upfront this year. However, iPhone devotes have there own case to present. There are few things that you can keep in mind before buying either like your wallet, headphone jack, Face id. As on the battery end, both are doing a good job but Samsung can prove to have a longer battery life. When it comes to speed both warriors are a beast, hard to tame. S9 has Qualcomm 845 and iPhone X has Apples A11 Bionic chip.
Its all about what you are looking for. So whos your winner?